STEP BY STEP: How to disable the keyboard of a Laptop

The keyboard of a laptop is a delicate device that can become damaged with use and the passage of time. In this new tutorial we are going to learn how to deactivate the keyboard of a laptop in order to use an external keyboard and give our laptop more life.

Disable laptop keyboard

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Disable laptop keyboard

Why disable the keyboard of a Laptop?. The keyboard is one of the most fragile components of a laptop but at the same time the most used, excessive use, misuse, drops of liquids, and even high temperatures can end up partially or totally damaging the internal circuits of the keyboard.

This is why it is usually necessary to deactivate the keyboard of a Laptop because the keys end up active and prevent writing on the Laptop. It is this problem, which is called "ghost key" that appears when the circuits of the keyboard membranes become stuck or damaged and consequently the keys are permanently activated as if they were being pressed.

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The problem of a broken keyboard on a Laptop

What to do if you have a broken laptop keyboard?. It all depends on the level of knowledge you have about laptops, and the state of the keyboard, for this you can make a decision between four options:

  1. Repair the Laptop: In this case, you must open the laptop and disconnect the keyboard cable manually but to do so you must have advanced technical knowledge.
  2. Take it to a technician: In this case, it is best to take it to the technical support of the same brand requesting a change of the keyboard to avoid false unscrupulous technicians.
  3. Install an application: In this case, you are looking for a program that allows you to block certain keys on the computer, although it will reduce the writing capacity of the laptop.
  4. Apply a configuration in Windows: In this case, what you are looking for is that through the operating system to disable the keyboard and use external devices in this case a keyboard and mouse (This is the procedure that we are going to explain).

REMEMBER: The technical support period can take between one to four weeks and the cost will include the service plus the replacement of the new keyboard. In addition, the model and age of the Laptop must be considered when considering the cost of the service.{alertSuccess}

Implications of disabling the keyboard of a Laptop

What will happen after disabling the Laptop keyboard?. In this procedure, after disabling the keyboard, the touchpad (called Touch Panel) will also be disabled. Therefore, you must have an external keyboard and mouse before continuing, and optionally have the Laptop drivers on hand.

How to deactivate the keyboard of a Laptop

What are the steps to disable the keyboard of a Laptop?. Before continuing, it is important to clarify that this procedure works for all laptop brands such as Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer, Msi, Alienware, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Compaq, Gateway, Advance, among others and in all models. of the aforementioned brands. This procedure only works in the Windows operating system for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 and 11 editions for all versions and updates.

  1. We enter: Control Panel
  2. We select: Device Manager
  3. We select: Keyboard Tab
  4. We locate at the end of the device: Standard PS/2 Keyboard
  5. Right click and select: Update device
  6. We choose: Search for the driver on my computer
  7. We select: Let me select from a list of drivers on my computer
  8. We uncheck the box: Show compatible drivers
  9. We are looking for: Microsoft
  10. We select on the right side: Microsoft Basic Keyboard (106/109)
  11. Click on continue, and
  12. Done.

At this point a system alert will appear, asking if you actually want to install said driver since it is not recommended to do so. But, in order to deactivate the keyboard you must accept.

REMEMBER: After accepting, the computer will restart and after loading the operating system, the keyboard will be disabled in addition to the mouse as previously indicated. At this point, the external keyboard and mouse must be connected to be able to use the Laptop.{alertSuccess}

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